Hargreaves Financial Pty core values are represented by the company’s collective ethics and morals. The firm’s compass guides us in how we serve our clients, relate to our colleagues, as well as interact with and address our communities.

The No Golf Ball Rule stands as Hargreaves Financial’s cornerstone policy. We are not influenced or entertained by gifts from outside parties looking to steer the company away from our high standards. This reinforces the firm’s commitment to ensuring no conflicts of interest would ever arise when advising clients.

Hargreaves Financial total client assets under advisement cross the $1 billion mark.

• • The financial markets have shown signs of weakness. Rising interest rates, a global pandemic, and geopolitical tensions have begun to take a toll. In response, most industry players retract their business approaches, cut costs, lay off personnel and move into low interest-bearing accounts. Going against the industry grain, Hargreaves Financial Pty decided to double down, investing more capital, and hiring more talent. This has allowed us to achieve results that soar above the average.

• • Our participant advice service (PAS) is re-engineered via significant investment in technology and personnel. This adds a new level of research delivery and investment tracking systems. These investments bolster our position for providing a plan to clients with high-quality advice. The true test of an investment firm is not how well they perform when the markets are running like a well oiled machine. It lies in how well they perform when the engine of the market begins to slow down and sputter. Hargreaves Financial Pty is prepared for every scenario and constantly evolving with market changes.

Hargreaves Financial is a provider of investment advice and dealing services to corporate, sophisticated, professional and private clients.

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