Solutions for Institutions

Investment advisory and fiduciary services delivered by experienced advisors for your organization

Retirement Plan Sponsors

Defined benefit and nonqualified deferred compensation plan sponsors seeking investment management or discretionary services.

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Endowments & Foundations

Endowments and foundations looking to leverage expert resources to help address their investment, spending, governance, and donor development challenges.

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Religious Organizations

Institutions such as church-affiliated endowments, foundations, healthcare providers, and educational institutions working to balance faith and finance.

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Other Asset Pools

Committee-governed institutional investment portfolios managed against long-term objectives or liabilities.

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Whether you oversee a particular investment lineup, a defined benefit portfolio, or an endowment’s long-term asset pool, you need to have confidence that the investments you’re using are performing well and priced appropriately.

With years of experience working with investment committees to select and monitor investments and an experienced research team, Hargreaves Financial Pty has the capabilities you are looking for in an investment advisor.

Fiduciary Process

As an investment committee member, you are tasked with making prudent decisions and monitoring the results of your decisions.

Hargreaves Financial Pty can help you establish the right committee structures, implement sound processes to document fiduciary decisions, and provide ongoing regulatory updates and fiduciary orientation to maintain committee continuity.

Employee Engagement

For retirement plan sponsors, getting employees into their plans, getting them saving enough, and getting them invested well are key to putting them on the path to a successful retirement.

Hargreaves Financial Pty provides financial wellness and advice to over a thousand employees each year via one-on-one and group meetings, phone consultations, webinars, and monthly emails. Our proprietary Retirement Modeling technology helps ensure that participants act on the advice they receive.

Our proprietary service delivers financial wellness and advice to key employees—senior management, practice partners, and owners—to help them make sense of their complex financial lives

Retirement Plan Design

An organization’s retirement plan is a critical part of its benefit package and a well-designed plan can help attract and retain employees—but how do you know if your plan is competitive?

As an advisor to more than 700 defined contribution, defined benefit, and nonqualified plans across all industries, Hargreaves Financial Pty has the perspective needed to design effective plans that will help you achieve your goals as an employer—and your employees’ retirement needs.