Hargreaves Financial Pty is an established provider of corporate advisory services and can offer exclusive corporate finance opportunities to eligible clients.

Corporate finance opportunities allow investors to participate in primary market transactions for companies they want to invest in. These include Initial Public Offering (IPO) and pre-IPO opportunities where clients can invest in companies before they are publicly listed.

Why should you consider Corporate Finance Opportunities?

These opportunities can be particularly appealing to investors as they offer the opportunity to buy into shares in a company before most investors can. While corporate finance opportunities involve backing companies with “less proven” business models, most investors recognise that they provide opportunities to generate wealth that are hard to find elsewhere.

Are you eligible to invest in Corporate Finance Opportunities?

Depending on the type of opportunity, you may need to be assessed and verified as a Sophisticated Investor. Sophisticated Investors generally qualify under Section 708(8) of the Corporations Act. This assessment is made by a Qualified Accountant, verifying you have:

  • Net assets of $2.5m or above*, or
  • Gross income of $250,000 for the past two financial years

*A Qualified Accountant’s certificate no more than two years old must be provided.

Hargreaves Financial Pty is a provider of investment advice and dealing services to corporate, sophisticated, professional and private clients.

IPO Priority List

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