Why Choose Hargreaves Financial Pty as your wealth advisor?

At Hargreaves Financial Pty, we aim to provide each client with a unique experience and approach to investing. We take pride in setting ourselves apart from typical brokerages you may have or are using. There are several reasons our clients use our services over their local broker:

Client focused approach

At Hargreaves Financial Pty, the client always comes first. We are in the financial service industry to serve you as a client and positively impact your financial future. We understand that without you, there is no us. With a burning desire to help people, we enjoy building lasting relationships with every client we work with, and in doing so, we can guide them and advise them on their financial path to success.

Comprehensive Advice

Hargreaves Financial  Pty steps back to view the bigger picture to create your financial plan. We as a company are not looking at your short term goals. We are always forward-thinking, looking towards the future, and can comprise a strategy to begin the correct journey to reach your mid and long term goals. By offering our clients fully comprehensive advice, we are accomplished in clarifying your financial path. We strive to help make sure you feel confident in your future.


Although Hargreaves Financial Pty works with other financial institutions to generate the most accurate data for our clients, we are an independent financial advisory firm at the root of our business. We are not confined by a large corporation demanding we pass on proprietary products or meet their sales quotas. We, as a company, focus on client satisfaction rather than selling products. Our main priority with our clients is building long-lasting relationships and creating tailor-made portfolios and comprehensive financial solutions that meet your needs as an individual. Hargreaves Financial Pty is never biased with our recommendations and will only offer our clients information that will benefit their financial goals. We are here to assist you by giving you solutions that will assist in reaching your goals.

A Team Approach

Hargreaves Financial Pty consists of multiple teams of dedicated and experienced financial professionals who specialize in financial planning and wealth management. Beyond our internal teams of advisors, we are also proud to have our highly motivated research team who provide us with in-depth research, enabling all of our departments to have a more comprehensive insight into your investments. By having a team approach, we believe that we can give each client the professional advice they need with a personal level of service they desire. By allowing a team of experienced professionals to work together to address the multiple needs a client may have, that client knows that their portfolio is in the right hands.

Hargreaves Financial Pty is a provider of investment advice and dealing services to corporate, sophisticated, professional and private clients.

IPO Priority List

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